The Party committee of the company organizes and carries out Red tour activities

The first stop, all party members came to visit the "bull Village", the site of the Jinzhou frontline command post of the Northeast Field Army, to receive education on the Red revolution. Under the guidance of the interpreter, everyone visited the war room, Lin Biao's bedroom, Liu Yalou's former residence, exhibition room and other places of the Jinzhou Front command post one by one, and watched the live version of the situational drama, which reproduced the historical scene of the Northeast Field Army front-line commanders timely adjusting the deployment of the campaign, correctly organizing the coordination of the campaign, and implementing large-scale continuous operations, which shocked the audience. And together to recall the course of the battle, accept the baptism of the Communist Party of China's indelible revolutionary spirit. Subsequently, all party members of the company revisited the oath of joining the Party in this heroic village.
The second stop, the company's party committee led all party members to climb Cuiyan Mountain, along with the red tourism boom, the once quiet small mountain village has also evolved into a red position surrounded by mountains and green water. Standing on the top of the mountain, we reviewed the bloody battle course, and understood the revolutionary quality of the soldiers who shed their heads, shed their blood, and were not afraid of sacrifice, and more cherished the hard-won happy life and inspired patriotic enthusiasm.
In the end, all party members were divided into four groups to open the knowledge competition with the main part of "Study the 20th National Congress of the Party, 踔厉 Work hard to write a new chapter". Gao Hongjun, deputy general manager of the company, and Bi Yingwei, senior consultant of the company, opened the knowledge contest to explain the revolutionary history of the Communist Party of China before and after the founding of the Party, review the struggle of the Communist Party of China in 102 years, and put forward higher requirements for our future work and life. With the love of the party and patriotic feelings, we officially entered the knowledge competition. The atmosphere of the competition scene was active, tense and orderly, and the players competed with their strength, not only won valuable points for their own group, but also learned and understood the spirit of the Party's 20.
The red tour led all party members to relive their event-filled years, accept the red baptism, and have a deeper understanding of the party's arduous revolutionary process. We have said that we should inherit the legacy of revolutionary martyrs, continue the red blood, carry forward the glorious tradition, with high enthusiasm for work, serious work attitude, solid work style, shine and heat in the post, and make new and greater contributions to the development of the cause of party building.