The company conducts emergency drill activities

   In response to the call of the national emergency management department, combined with the company's safety production situation, improve employees' self rescue and self-protection abilities, learn and master self rescue and rescue skills and skills. On June 30th, the company collaborated with the Taihe District Fire Rescue Brigade to organize the "Fire and Evacuation Emergency Exercise" activity, and invited relevant leaders from the Tanghezi Economic Development Zone Management Committee and Taihe District Emergency Management Bureau to visit and guide the exercise site.

   This drill includes two processes: simulating the initial fire extinguishing drill and fire evacuation first aid, totaling 40 minutes. More than 60 on-site operators and related personnel participated in this drill. At 2 pm, all stages are ready and the drill officially begins.

   Firstly, employees in the vacuum workshop of the chromium metal company discovered the initial fire and put it out. However, due to the incorrect extinguishing method used, the fire further expanded; Subsequently, the workshop director led the employees to use fire extinguishers and use the correct extinguishing methods to put out the fire, but only managed to control the fire but could not prevent its expansion; At this time, emergency rescue teams from other units rushed to the scene of the fire for rescue, but were still unable to prevent the fire from spreading; At a critical moment, the company decided to launch a Level 1 emergency response plan, and the vacuum workshop began organizing employees to evacuate from the smoke filled factory building along the emergency evacuation route, and to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on unconscious and suffocating employees. With the timely arrival of the fire rescue team, the fire was brought under control and ultimately extinguished.

   The entire drill is closely connected, safe and orderly, fully reflecting the excellent style of unity, cooperation, and cohesion among the company's employees.

   Through this fire drill activity, a practical simulation training was provided for emergency rescue personnel, familiarizing employees with the necessary emergency response procedures, mastering the operation and use steps and methods of fire extinguishers, and mastering the first aid steps and methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This further enhanced employees' fire awareness and emergency evacuation and self rescue ability, providing valuable experience for emergency action in the event of an accident.