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Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise integrating industrial product production and processing, modern agriculture and tourism.

The company is located in Tanghezi Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Province, covering an area of more than 700,000 square meters, with total assets of 700 million yuan, and more than 1,000 employees, including more than 30% with a bachelor degree or above, 10 master's degree students, and 3 doctoral students.……

  • Jinzhou Jixin Pyromaterials Co.,Ltd

    Jinzhou Jixin Pyromaterials Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing incomprehensive development and utilization of metallurgical solid wastes and green circulating economy. The main products including corundum-chrome clinker,fused corundum clinker ,corundum-chrome brick, composite corundum-chrome brick, fused corundum-chrome brick,  corundum-chrome castable and ramming mix etc., due to the performances with  resistance to elevated temperature,resistance to corrosion,thermal shock resistance,resistance to slag and permeation,are widely applied as various linings in  thermal furnaces and kilns of industries including non-ferrous metals ,glass,ferrous metals and so on. With facilities including 2 set bogie kilns at 1700℃ and 1800℃, espectively,one set 6300kVA dumping furnace and instruments for inspection etc,the company has production capacity with 10 thousand mts of shaped products and 20 thousand mts of refractory raw materials. For many years,the company has been insisting on promoting product quality upgrading with scientific and technological innovation,and established cooperative relationships for production, studies and research as well as graduate students' training bases with institutes of higher education and science research such as Northeastern University ,Wuhan Science and Technology University,Liaoning Science and Technology University and Bohai University etc. It was originated in China that the project Making Fused Corundum Brick, Fused Corundum-chrome Brick and Fused Corundum Brick for Ausmelt TSL Furnace By Using of Chrome Slag from Smelting of Chrome Metal among, 8 national patents gained. The company won awards many times with Liaoning Province and Jinzhou Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Awards,the excellent enterprise award of the 7th China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, was awarded as the gazelle enterprise of Liaoning Province, the provincial intellectual property advantage enterprise and the "specialized and special new" product of small and medium-sized enterprises in Liaoning Province.

  • Jinzhou Xinyi Building Material Co.,Ltd

    Jinzhou Xinyi Building Material Co.,Ltd manufactures a full range of products including air brick and standard brick made from waste flyash and slag with annual production capacity of 80 thousand cubic meters.Due to the features such as durable,shapely,lighter weight and effective thermal insulation, the bricks made from fly ash for block construction was awarded title of top brand by Jinzhou municipal authority.  

  • Huanren Longsharing Island Ecological Development Co.,Ltd

    Located at an island in the middle of Hunjiang river Huilonghu lake scenic area with a heavenly blessed wonderful scenery within Huanren Manchu autonomous county ,covering an area of more than 7 hectares, Huanren Longsharing Island Ecological Development Co.,Ltd is devoted to tour operation ,where longsharingIsland Grand Hotel integrating accommodation, catering, convention, leisure and entertainment, is an ideal place with relaxation and enjoying life for family holidays and friends gathering,also a favorite for team and parenting activities.At the same time, due to unique geographical location and climate,as natural beekeeping place,wild honey is a bite of health foodgranted honeydew treasure or royal honey.Andalso rich in wild grape used to brew commonly, thedeliciouswine is very popular.  

  • Liaoning Xintai Agricultural Sci-tech Development Co.,Ltd

    Liaoning Xintai Agricultural Sic-tech Development Co.,Ltd locates at Gaotaizi town,Yixian county,Jinzhou,occupying an area of 55 hectares.Transportation is convenient with excellent geographical location with 18km and 20km away from highway exits of Yixian county and Qinghemen Fuxin respectively. The company is mainly engaging in planting, breeding and green seedling with the pattern of a combined major planting and minor cultivating,self-supportive and recyclable and then taking green seedling as a point in long term steady growth.There are plantations with fruits like oil peony, Chinese,hawthorn;then cultivars with domestic chicken,hogs fed grains and gooses;and green seedling including beijing peach,chinese scholar,gingko,chinese parasol,sugar maple ,crabapple,gold leaf elm ,mono,bamboo willow, buddha belly and purple leaf plum etc. Furthermore,with total investment of rub 180 million,the company with Ixia Solar Power CGN projected a 20MW agricultural optical complementary program which was listed as First Pilot Project in Liaoning province including 241 Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses and a sightseeing greenhouse.  

  • Hydrometallurgical Chemical Company

    Hydrometallurgical Chemical Company mainly produces vanadium pentoxide and also other chemicals including liquid sodium metaaluminate, sodium silicate, nonferrous aluminum sulfate etc. ,of which vanadium pentoxide, widely used in industries including metallurgy,chemical , aviation and aerospace etc.,is a dominant product of Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co.,Ltd with annual capacity 5000mts.  

  • Chrome Metal Company

    Chrome Metal Company,is a manufacturer with chrome metal production of integrated calcination and smelting,and ahead in facilities and friendly environment at home with 5000mt annual production capacity.We can deliver a full range of materials in accordance with national standard GB/T 3211-2008,as a dominant product of Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co.,Ltd ,especially,peculiar stuffs with lower impurities such assulphur,nitrogen,aluminium,iron,oxygen and the like,which are used for superalloys,electrohead alloys and precise alloys widely applying in industries including aerospace,military,electronics and IT and so on.The company was certified the quality system authentication andweapon equipment quality management system.  

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  • Steel Drum Packaging Company

    Steel Drum Packaging Company has 3 production lines with small drum,100L steel drum and 200L steel drum. The annual comprehensive production capacity is up to one million pieces.The main products, fully conforming to GB/T325.1-2018 Packing Container Standard ,a range of drums with 5 open top series more than 20 brands includingφ300、φ310、φ335、φ420 and φ560,are applied as packagings of alloys and metals such as FeMo,chrome metal,spone Zr,spongeTi,FeB,FeV,FW and nonferrous metals etc.The company is well-equipped the most advanced uncoiled and leveled dislocation stamping line, conveyor chains and screen printing machine in western Liaoning region. At present the company is marching forward to developing a range of tight head drums with paint baking, galvanized, plating and inner spray coating,making great efforts to build an automatic packaging barrel manufacturer with the strongest one in western Liaoning region and a well-known at home.  

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  • Mn-EnrichedSlag Production Factory


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