The Forklift Operation Skills Competition of the "Bi Li" Moving Forward and Bravely Striving for the First Exhibition at the Fengcai Material Inspection Center was Successfully Held

   In order to further improve operational skills and strengthen job training, the Material Inspection Center held a forklift operation skills competition at the east freight yard of the factory area. The company's general manager Tian Yile, deputy general managers Gao Hongjun, Chen Song, and relevant unit leaders attended the competition on-site.

   The competition includes three events: building blocks with forklifts, winding piles, and hanging small models of forklifts, with a total of 16 participants participating. They operate steadily and quickly during the competition, drive cautiously according to the prescribed route, proficiently reverse and turn, quickly, accurately, and smoothly stack, demonstrating a high level of skill; They are calm, calm, serious, and orderly, strictly demonstrating their skills according to the competition standards, demonstrating good professional qualities and exquisite business skills, and winning praise and affirmation from on-site leaders and colleagues.

   The competition consists of one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, and two excellent prizes. In the end, Li Chuang stood out and won the first prize. Li Yang, Zhang Guoyu, Shen Yongquan, and Liu Yan respectively won the second, third, and excellent awards. The forklift skills competition aims to test and train the workforce, promote the spirit of labor and craftsmanship, and add new impetus to the development of the enterprise.