Skills Competition to Enhance Skills Through Competition to Promote Learning and Enhance Ability. The Finance Department organizes the "Financial Personnel Application Skills Operation Competition"

   In order to enhance the comprehensive office skills of financial personnel, improve work efficiency, and promote mutual learning and communication between departments, the finance department held the "Financial Personnel Application Skills Operation Competition" in early August. General Manager Tian Yile, Deputy General Manager Chen Song, and relevant unit leaders attended the competition on-site.

   In this competition, 11 financial personnel participated in 6 projects, including cash counting, calculation, typing speed, and office application software operation. During the competition, the participants were confident and calm, and the atmosphere was tense and orderly. In the end, Sun Ting won the first prize, while Ren Xiaorui and Li Jianan won the second and third prizes respectively. Finally, General Manager Tian Yile delivered a speech congratulating the winners and hoping that financial personnel can summarize their experience, strengthen their awareness of details, and improve their level of refined financial management. The company will also actively encourage employees to continuously learn, enhance their own value, and work together with the company to progress.