Tong Shengqiang, deputy secretary of Taihe District Party Committee, visited the company for research and guidance

On August 16, TongShengqiang, deputy secretary of the Taihe District Party Committee and district Governor, and Xia Dong, director of the District Industry and Information Bureau, visited the company to investigate and guide the work. Chen Song, deputy general manager of the company, accompanied the relevant leaders of the comprehensive management department, the finance Department and the production Department.
During the discussion, Deputy General manager Chen Song briefly introduced the completion of the company's production and operation in 2023 and the promotion and implementation of the chromium metal expansion and upgrading project.
Tong Shengqiang, governor of the District, listened carefully to the report of the company's leaders and stressed that Jinzhou Jixin, as a key enterprise in Taihe District's "double stock and increase pull" action, should give full play to its own advantages, identify the development orientation of enterprises, and promote industrial optimization and integration and cluster development. Focus on the main business, extend the chain, supplement the chain, strong chain, supporting the introduction of upstream and downstream industries, and effectively make bigger, stronger and better enterprises.
This research activity fully reflects the concern and concern of Taihe District Committee and district government for the future development of Jinzhou Jixin. Jinzhou Jixin will continue to uphold the development concept of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen close cooperation with government departments, jointly promote the development of metal new materials industry cluster, and contribute to the prosperity and development of regional economy.