The company won the second prize of Tanghezi Economic Development Zone Party building knowledge competition

In order to further create a strong atmosphere of learning, propaganda and implementation of the Party's 20 major spirit, give full play to the role of "promoting learning by competition", encourage and guide the majority of Party members, cadres and workers, and work hard in comprehensive study, comprehensive grasp and comprehensive implementation. On June 27, Tanghezi Economic Development Zone held a knowledge contest to celebrate the "July 1" Founding of the Party Festival, the new breakthrough three-year action for Liaoning's comprehensive revitalization and the theme of "Learning the Party's 20th Congress, New Chapter of Effort".
A total of 7 teams and 21 players participated in the competition, which set up three links of required questions, quick answer questions and risk questions, and each link was carried out in the form of on-site competition and on-site scoring. The company's representative team is composed of Li Ying of the inspection center, Liu Chuan of the production department, and Yi Yu of the comprehensive management Department. They are composed and steady in the competition with high morale, full of enthusiasm and enterprising spirit. Especially in the thrilling risk question and answer link, the company's participating team selected the highest score and the most difficult questions, and got the highest score with perfect answer. It won warm applause from the judges, opponents and the audience. Finally, after nearly 2 hours of intense competition, the company's representative team broke through the difficulties and won the second prize of the knowledge competition with the excellent result of the second place in the total score.
The award of this honor is the embodiment of the Party building work of the company's Party committee and the 20 knowledge learning achievements. Taking the opportunity of this competition, the Party Committee of the company will continue to inspire the majority of party members to strengthen their thinking, improve their quality and enhance their abilities, constantly draw on the striving force, apply the spirit of the twenty to arm their minds, guide practice, promote work, and continue to improve the quality of party building work.