The company won the "first ferroalloy community Football League" championship

At 1:30 p.m. on June 5, the "First Ferroalloy Community Enterprise Staff Football League" organized by CITIC Jinzhou Metal Company and hosted by Jinzhou Jixin and CITIC Titanium Industry officially kicked off at the Ferroalloy Community football stadium.
This event adopts the 5-player competition rules, CITIC Jinzhou Metal International Trade Team, organ team, chromium product business unit, manganese product business unit and power business unit; Citic Titanium production cooperation unit, production center team, agency research and development wing; Jinzhou Jixin organ wing, production wing, a total of 10 teams to participate.
After 12 days and 6 rounds of intense competition, the final Jinzhou Jixin production team and CITIC Titanium production team opened the championship and runner-up battle. With the whistle of the game, the two sides entered the heated confrontation, the players on the field skillfully carried out passing, over the top, crossing, shooting, consistent action, tacit cooperation, the whole game was wonderful, both short pass penetration, but also the overall promotion; Both defensive counterattack, but also a long ball, climactic, thrilling. The players fully demonstrated their personal skills, beautiful defense, swift tackling, wonderful shooting, and won bursts of applause.
Finally, after 60 minutes of fierce competition, the company's production team won the championship of the "first ferroalloy community enterprise staff Football League" by a score of 6:3 with strong team cohesion and superb game skills.
The match provided a platform for football fans to show their skills and sweat, and also fully reflected the unity and struggle of Jinzhou Jixin people and their positive spiritual outlook. The game itself is not important to win or lose, in order to win every fight and efforts on the field is more worthy of praise, the players have said that they will continue this spirit into their daily work, continue hard work, brave and perseverance.