The company held a summary and commendation conference for publicity and reporting work

In order to continuously enhance the effectiveness of publicity and reporting, deepen the shaping of corporate image, and provide solid public opinion support and spiritual motivation for the company's transformation and development, the company held a grand summary and commendation conference for the year 2023 in the first conference room on the afternoon of March 11th. A total of 30 people, including Chen Song, Deputy General Manager of the company, Liu Qing, Minister of the Comprehensive Management Department, leaders in charge of propaganda work from various units, representatives of outstanding correspondents, and award-winning individuals, gathered together to review their achievements and look forward to the future. The meeting was chaired by Liu Liping, Deputy Minister of the Comprehensive Management Department.
At the beginning of the meeting, the "Summary of Propaganda and Reporting Work for 2023 and Work Arrangement for 2024" was first read out, comprehensively reviewing the achievements of publicity and reporting work in the past year, and making careful arrangements for the next year's work. Subsequently, the conference announced the award-winning units and individuals, and presented prizes to 2 outstanding units, 6 outstanding correspondents, and 7 outstanding article recipients, fully showcasing the company's fruitful achievements in the field of publicity and reporting.
Zhao Jianjun, Assistant Manager of the Barrel Industry Company, Wu Bo, Assistant Manager of the Chromium Metal Company, as representatives of excellent units, and Liu Chuan from the Production Department, as representatives of excellent correspondents, respectively delivered award speeches, sharing their work experience and insights, bringing profound inspiration to every participant present.
At the end of the meeting, Deputy General Manager Chen Song delivered an important speech. He emphasized that all units should further increase their emphasis on propaganda and reporting work, guide public opinion correctly, and strive to build a team of energetic and creative correspondents. He requested all units to strengthen their attention to the construction of the correspondent team, actively attract employees with a foundation and love for writing to join, and create more favorable conditions and public opinion environment for the correspondent to carry out their work. At the same time, he proposed to pay attention to the quality of manuscripts, strive to produce "excellent" and "boutique" articles, and make publicity and reporting work more deeply rooted in people's hearts.
Vice General Manager Chen Song also encourages communication personnel to achieve "three diligence" - diligent writing, diligent thinking, and diligent leg movements, continuously improving their writing skills, striving to write "beautiful articles" with smooth writing, lofty ideas, and profound artistic conception, and contributing their own strength to the company's publicity and reporting work.
The convening of this meeting not only summarized the excellent achievements of the company in the field of publicity and reporting over the past year, but also pointed out the direction for the next year's work. The attendees expressed that they will conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, devote more enthusiasm to the publicity and reporting work, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the company's transformation, development, and brand building.