The company invites the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to carry out the "Sending Skills to Enterprises" activity

   On March 12-13, in order to strengthen the professional skills of frontline employees and enhance the professional abilities of frontline employees and management personnel at all levels, the company invited the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to carry out a two-day "Sending Skills to Enterprises" activity at the company, as well as a special training on the construction and maintenance of work vehicles in the factory. More than 80 drivers, maintenance managers, equipment procurement    personnel, price auditors, and related middle-level management personnel from the inspection center participated in the training.
   This training was specially invited by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to give a lecture by Professor Zhang Jiping from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Liaoning University of Technology. Professor Zhang Jiping graduated from Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology with a major in Mining Machinery Engineering. Since 2010, I have been working part-time as an engineer, chief engineer, and expert consultant in enterprises, mainly engaged in new product research and development, in service remanufacturing, and technical upgrading and transformation.
During the training process, Professor Zhang Jiping provided detailed explanations on the basic knowledge, structural principles, hydraulic control, mechanical design, safety regulations for safe operation and transportation operations, and vehicle management of forklifts and forklifts through illustrated cases. At the same time, taking into account the actual situation of the company, we will provide examples of actual forklifts and forklifts on the production site, and conduct on-site Q&A and communication on common vehicle maintenance issues and vehicle modification technologies. The trainees cherish this opportunity very much. During the class, they recorded videos on their phones, took notes, and did not miss any details on site.

   This lecture has rich content, which not only improves theoretical literacy, but also enhances business skills and expands work ideas. Everyone expressed that they will take this training as a new starting point, strive to learn, master, and apply skills, apply the learning results to practical work, and achieve the goal of learning and applying what they have learned. In future work, the company will continue to collaborate with the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to carry out activities similar to "sending skills into enterprises", leading employees to establish themselves in their own positions and contribute wisdom and strength to the transformation and upgrading of the company.