The company's key ongoing projects were interviewed by Jinzhou TV station

Recently, the interview team of Jinzhou TV Station, accompanied by relevant personnel from Taihe District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, went to the company's production site to interview and shoot on-site on the company's production and operation as well as key ongoing projects. Chen Song, Deputy General Manager of the company, Zhang Zhixiang, Assistant General Manager, Jin Yi, Deputy Director of the Production Department, and relevant personnel from the Comprehensive Management Department accompanied the interview.
The reporter from Jinzhou TV Station and his team filmed the production site of the company's products in the vacuum workshop to understand the construction progress and planning of the company's key project under construction, chromium metal expansion and upgrading project. Assistant to the General Manager of the company, Zhang Zhixiang, was interviewed on site and introduced the overview, construction progress, and next stage construction plan of the company's key projects under construction to the interview team. He said that since the commencement of the project, the company's chrome metal expansion, upgrading and transformation project team has overcome many difficulties, started with process design, adopted domestic advanced technology, combined with the company's industrial Internet construction and intelligent upgrading and transformation needs, carefully organized and arranged, strictly controlled key processes, and promoted multiple processes simultaneously to ensure that the company's projects were completed and reached production on schedule.
This interview report represents the attention and affirmation of government agencies at all levels to the construction and production of the company's transformation and upgrading projects. It has played a positive role in showcasing the good corporate image of Jinzhou Jixin and will further stimulate the work enthusiasm of all employees of the company. The company will take this as an opportunity to continue to promote the "speed of information gathering", complete various milestone tasks with quality and quantity, efficiently and high-quality promote project construction, further strengthen on-site management, and complete engineering construction with high standards, making contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Jinzhou Information Gathering and the high-quality development of Taihe District's economy.