The company holds a management meeting

   On the morning of October 27th at 9 o'clock, the company held a management meeting in the third conference room, which was chaired by Vice General Manager Chen Song. The company's high school management and specially hired experts attended the meeting. At the meeting, Vice General Manager Chen Song announced the decision to adjust the division of labor for high school management personnel and executives. The general manager of the company, Tian Yile, delivered an important speech. In his speech, Mr. Tian reported on the completion of the company's main production and operation indicators and scientific research, analyzed and summarized the company's development, existing problems, and facing situations in recent years, and proposed specific requirements. At the same time, he deployed and arranged for the company's metal chromium expansion and upgrading project.

1、 The chromium metal expansion and upgrading project is the largest investment and construction project since the company's establishment, and is a key decision for the company's foundation transformation. All employees should have a correct understanding, fully cooperate, actively promote the "Jixin spirit" of Jixin people who break through history and create miracles, create a new "Jixin speed" for project construction, and open a new chapter in the transformation and development of Jinzhou Jixin.

2、 Management personnel at all levels should have a sense of crisis and overall situation, increase political and market sensitivity, eliminate formalism and bureaucracy, promote the strengthening of integrity education for all employees, strictly prohibit violations of business norms and operating procedures, hold the bottom line, do not touch the red line, always maintain integrity, and create a clean and upright atmosphere throughout the company.

3、 Managers at all levels deeply understand the spirit of the company's general manager's keynote speech, and under the leadership of the company's management team, take this personnel adjustment as an opportunity to further enhance their sense of mission, responsibility, and urgency, jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Jinzhou Jixin, and make new and greater contributions to the company's development.