Jixin Property won the second prize of the group in the 10th "Champion Cup" Employee Vocational Skills Competition in Jinzhou City

   On the morning of October 27th, the 10th "Champion Cup" Employee Vocational Skills Competition and Fire Safety Skills Competition in the Logistics, Property, Printing and Packaging Industries in Jinzhou City were successfully held at the Shuangyang Fire Rescue Detachment Training Base. A total of 62 enterprises, 83 participating teams, and more than 300 employees participated in the competition. The competition consisted of three people connected to three fire hoses, standing in place to put out fire protective clothing, and the initial fire extinguishing project. After intense competition, the representative team of Jixin Property, composed of Li Zhixin, Liu Shuai, Li Zhiyu, Chai Qingsheng, and Han Qiao, won the second prize in the group vocational skills competition for employees.

   Through this competition, the safety and firefighting quality and safety prevention skills of the employees of Jixin Property have been improved, the practical foundation of fire rescue has been consolidated, the employee team has been better trained, and a solid foundation has been laid for comprehensive property service work.