The company conducts "Desert Gold Digging" scenario simulation sand table training

   In order to promote the development of corporate culture, strengthen corporate cohesion and centripetal force, and further improve the communication and team building abilities of middle-level management personnel, on October 15th, the company invited Teacher He Baisong from Shenyang Yanda Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to organize all middle-level management personnel to conduct a "Desert Gold Digging" sand table drill training in the third conference room of the Jixin Office Building. The company's general manager, Tian Yile, Vice General Manager Chen Song observed the entire training process.

   The purpose of this "Desert Gold Digging" sandbox drill training is to simulate real desert exploration scenarios, promote middle-level management personnel to learn decision-making methods and skills, cultivate team collaboration, resource allocation, plan management skills, and improve personal comprehensive quality and goal management, communication and collaboration skills. 27 middle-level management personnel of the company were divided into 4 groups to participate in the drill through recommendation and two-way selection. Their "Desert Gold Digging" exercise mission is to survive for 25 days in the desert under limited resource conditions based on weather changes, search for gold mines, and finally successfully return.

   During the training process, four groups fully demonstrated their wisdom and strategy, and the competition was extremely fierce. Some temporarily lag behind due to strategic errors; Some fail to maximize their advantages due to insufficient team collaboration; Also, missed opportunities due to a lack of effective communication. Finally, the team led by Vice Minister of Production Jin Yinan won the final "gold digging" total victory. Although they have achieved victory, there is still room for improvement and improvement in their overall strategic planning. Although the other groups did not ultimately win the top spot, the highlights of planning, collaboration, and sparks of wisdom have also won applause from the training teachers and all colleagues.

   Learn deeply and practice diligently, and write deeply and deeply. This sandbox drill training has inspired and inspired everyone in terms of collaborative communication and management, learning methods and skills to handle emergencies, improving the overall management team's collaborative ability, and enhancing the sense of responsibility and confidence of all middle level managers. Everyone has expressed their willingness to draw nourishment from training and integrate what they have learned, thought, and understood into all aspects of their work. With a stronger fighting spirit and a more solid style, they will help Jinzhou Jixin grow bigger and stronger.