In-depth enterprise research to support enterprise development

   On the morning of October 16th, Xie Li, Director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, Zhang Xuedong, Secretary of the Taihe District Committee, Zhao Zhanwei, Deputy Director of the Tanghezi Industrial Park, and Wu Wei, Chairman of the Municipal Guarantee Group, organized eleven financial institutions, including Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bohai Bank, as well as leaders from the Taihe District Finance Bureau and Tanghezi Industrial Park, to visit the company for research and face-to-face exchanges on corporate financing needs and related financial information, Coordinate on-site to solve problems. The company's general manager Tian Yile, deputy general managers Gao Hongjun, Chen Song, and relevant department personnel participated in the survey.

   At the meeting, General Manager Tian Yile briefly introduced the company's current business situation and engineering financing needs, and reported on the progress of the metal chromium expansion and upgrading project that the company plans to invest in in the next step. Participants from various banks provided targeted feedback on the company's financing needs based on their actual situation. Wu Wei, Chairman of the Municipal Guarantee Group, fully affirmed the positive role of the company as a high-quality enterprise in the credit loan member units of the guarantee group, made a clear statement on the company's financing guarantee scale and guarantee rate, and actively and effectively played the role of government financing guarantee.

   Subsequently, Zhao Zhanwei, Deputy Director of Tanghezi Industrial Park, introduced the planned creation of enterprise industry characteristics within the park. Finally, Director Xie Li requested all financial institutions to deeply connect with the company, continue to provide tracking services while considering the comprehensive cost of funds, and strive for the early landing of credit funds.

   This matchmaking meeting aims to help the company solve financing difficulties and provide higher quality financial services for the development of the enterprise.