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Science and technology enable enterprises to develop, innovate, lead and practice production | Leaders of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau visited the company for investigation

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   To accelerate the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and improve the efficiency of transformation of scientific and technological achievements. On the morning of October 20, Wang Yanzhi, Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Cai Jing, Deputy Director General, and Zheng Yunfeng; Mo Hui, Vice Chairman of Taihe District CPPCC and Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Xia Xi, Vice Mayor of Taihe District; Liu Jiawei, deputy director of Tanghezi Industrial Park, accompanied by Su Shiyi, secretary-general of Jinzhou New Metal Materials Industry Association, visited the company to conduct research on industrial development, scientific and technological innovation, etc. Tian Yile, the general manager of the company, together with relevant responsible persons, received the leaders of the city.

   General Manager Tian Yile introduced the company's production and operation mode, overall operation and scientific and technological innovation achievements to Director Wang Yanzhi and his delegation, and explained in detail the production processes of "aluminum chromium slag melting carbonization reduction process" and "vacuum decarburization to prepare metal chromium". The two sides discussed and exchanged views on independent research and development, talent introduction and industry university research cooperation. During this period, under the guidance of General Manager Tian Yile, the city leaders and their delegation successively visited the high-temperature sintering workshop of Jixin and the vacuum workshop of Chrome Metal Company.

   Director Wang Yanzhi spoke highly of the company's scientific and technological research and development work, encouraged the company to continue to increase its research and development efforts, strengthen its innovation ability, and speed up its innovation drive, and said that the relevant government departments will strengthen the docking work with enterprises, provide all-round services and support for enterprises, publicize and implement relevant policies on science and technology, continue to promote the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements Give more guidance and help to enterprises in promoting the construction of innovation platforms. At the same time, it is hoped that Jinzhou Jixin will continue to improve its technological strength and core competitiveness, and strive to drive industrial development.