The company's innovation studio upgraded the provincial model worker innovation studio

 The company's innovation studio was upgraded to a provincial model worker innovation studio. Recently, the Liaoning Federation of Trade Unions released the Notice on Naming Liaoning Model Worker Innovation Studio, Employee Innovation Studio, and Innovation Studio Alliance in 2022, and Establishing a Platform for Improving the Skills of Employees in Liaoning Province, The company "Zhaopengda Model Worker Innovation Studio" successfully passed the on-site review and inspection, was recognized as a provincial model worker innovation studio, and received special funding support.

 Zhao Pengda Model Worker Innovation Studio was established in October 2017 and formally named as a municipal model worker innovation studio by Jinzhou Federation of Trade Unions in September 2021. It focuses on scientific and technological innovation in metallurgy, fire resistance, resources and environment. The studio is led by Dr. Zhao Pengda, the winner of the National May Day Labor Medal, and now has 7 members. Since its establishment, the studio has taken the initiative to focus on the development strategy of the enterprise, with the goal of benchmarking management, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and building an efficient team, to drive the employees of all units to actively carry out employee oriented technological innovation activities, forming a strong atmosphere of "everyone wants to innovate, everything wants to innovate". In recent years, the innovation studio has made outstanding achievements in the research and application of new processes and materials. It has applied for 4 innovation achievements, realized 4 achievements transformation, applied for 1 invention patent, and applied for 3 utility model patents. In recent two years, it has created economic benefits of about tens of millions of yuan.

 The company has always attached great importance to employee innovation, and actively encouraged employees to innovate based on their posts by taking "Model Worker Innovation Studio" as the starting point, promoting improvement proposals and "five small" innovation as the focus. So far in 2022, the company's employees have put forward 35 improvement proposals, 30 of which have been successfully implemented, playing an important role in achieving extraordinary goals in extraordinary years.

 Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. The upgrading of the company's innovation studio to the "Provincial Model Worker Innovation Studio" is both an affirmation of past achievements and a spur to future work. The company will take this opportunity to firmly establish the idea of redevelopment and reaching a new level, continue to maintain the spirit of keeping pace with the times and continuous innovation, give full play to the role of demonstration and leadership, muster up innovation and creativity, continue to deepen the innovation and skill training of employees, strive to build a team with skilled post technical ability and excellent independent innovation ability, cultivate more professional and skilled talents, and take practical actions, Make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of the enterprise.

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The company was invited to participate in the national well-known private enterprises to help Liaoning comprehensively revitalize the new breakthrough high-end summit - metallurgical new material industry development special activities

On August 3, the national well-known private enterprises to help Liaoning comprehensively revitalize the new breakthrough high-end summit - metallurgical new material industry development special event was held in Shenyang. The event was sponsored by Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Liaoning Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, National Federation of Industry and Commerce Economic Service Department and Metallurgical Chamber of Commerce, Jinzhou Municipal People's Government, chaired by the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Party Secretary, Director Hu Yichong.

Tong Shengqiang, deputy secretary of Taihe District Party Committee, visited the company for research and guidance

On August 16, TongShengqiang, deputy secretary of the Taihe District Party Committee and district Governor, and Xia Dong, director of the District Industry and Information Bureau, visited the company to investigate and guide the work. Chen Song, deputy general manager of the company, accompanied the relevant leaders of the comprehensive management department, the finance Department and the production Department.