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Zhang Xuedong, Secretary of the District Party Committee, and his delegation visited the company to inspect work safety

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   On October 10, a delegation led by Zhang Xuedong, Secretary of the District Party Committee, and Pan Tao, Deputy District Head, visited the company to supervise and inspect work safety. Tian Yile, General Manager, and Gao Hongjun, Deputy General Manager of the Company accompanied the inspection.

   During the inspection, the team listened to the report of General Manager Tian Yile on work safety, epidemic prevention and control, enterprise operation and other related aspects, inspected the operation of the enterprise's equipment on the spot, and inquired about and understood the implementation of the work safety responsibility system, the investigation and rectification of potential risks and other related issues.

   Zhang Xuedong stressed that enterprises should attach great importance to work safety, resolutely implement the main responsibility of work safety, continue to strengthen safety education and training for all staff and the maintenance and inspection of safety equipment and facilities, constantly improve the safety level of the enterprise, take work safety as the top priority, always maintain a "zero tolerance" attitude, achieve all-round, no dead ends, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of safety accidents, Create a safe and stable environment for the successful convening of the 20th CPC National Congress. At the same time, the relevant government departments will focus on the needs and urgent problems of enterprises in a timely manner, formulate effective solutions, do a good job of service guarantee with heart and soul, provide a good environment for the development of enterprises, and help Taihe's economy take off.