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The company's model worker innovation studio accepted the provincial general upgrading assessment

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   On September 28, the examiners of the provincial and municipal federation of trade unions went to the company's model worker innovation studio to conduct a field assessment of the promotion of the model worker innovation studio from the municipal level to the provincial level. Chen Song, Deputy General Manager of the Company, accompanied by relevant personnel from the General Management Department and the Model Worker Innovation Studio for discussion and assessment.

   The company's model labor innovation studio was established in October 2017, and formally named as the municipal model labor innovation studio by Jinzhou Federation of Trade Unions in September 2021, mainly for scientific and technological innovation in the fields of metallurgy, fire resistance, resources and environment. The studio is led by Dr. Zhao Pengda, the winner of the National May Day Labor Medal, and now has 7 members. Since its establishment, the studio has taken the initiative to focus on the development strategy of the enterprise, with the goal of benchmarking management, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and building an efficient team, to drive the employees of all units to actively carry out employee oriented technological innovation activities, forming a strong atmosphere of "everyone wants to innovate, everything wants to innovate".

    In recent years, the innovation studio has made outstanding achievements in the research and application of new processes and materials. It has applied for 4 innovation achievements, realized 4 achievements transformation, applied for 1 invention patent, and applied for 3 utility model patents. In recent two years, it has created economic benefits of tens of millions of yuan.

   Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. The opportunity to upgrade the staff innovation studio is not only an affirmation of past achievements, but also a spur to future work. Under the guidance of provincial and municipal trade unions, Jinzhou Jixin will give full play to the leading role of model workers and craftsmen, and take the innovation studio as a platform to encourage and guide the majority of employees to actively participate in the enterprise's technological innovation and achievements transformation.