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Gather the strength of the team to create brilliance

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   The clouds are light and the wind is light, and the autumn is strong. In this season when the forests are full of color, the company organized 35 middle and senior managers to go to Longxiang Island, Huanren, Benxi, to carry out an experiential development training activity for four days and three nights from September 22 to 25.

   The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the construction of the company's management team, enhance mutual communication between workers, and cultivate team spirit and sense of cooperation. The participants were divided into three teams. After brainstorming, loud slogans and unique team flags appeared one by one. The "Jixin Red Team", "Green Giant Team" and "Golden Team", with their distinctive and powerful team image, opened the prelude to the expansion training.

    During the two-day training, the company's management team not only participated in classic expansion projects such as "Win Run", "Sniper", "Beat the Drum and Beat the Ball", "Beacon Fire Barons Sand Table", but also challenged innovative projects such as "Movie Talent" and "Battle Point". It also set a new record in the "100% Challenge" project. In the whole development experience, we actively participated, faced difficulties, and dared to challenge ourselves. In the process of encouraging and cheering each other among the team members, and under the mutual cooperation and cooperation between the teams, we overcame the seemingly "impossible" projects.

   Every training is a touch, and every touch comes from the shock of the heart during the experience. After the completion of the project, under the summary of each team leader, we shared the passion of challenge and the joy of success, saw the advantages and disadvantages of this group, and also deeply realized the professional quality and management art closely related to the work, such as division of labor and cooperation, effective communication, empathy, leadership and execution, which laid a good foundation for future work.

The expanded training activities effectively enhanced everyone's courage and self-confidence, improved their sense of teamwork and practical innovation ability, and further enhanced everyone's centripetal force and sense of belonging to Jinzhou Jixin family, showing our "Jixin people" optimistic and never stop spirit. The same piece of iron can be sawed and melted, or tempered into steel; The same team can do nothing and achieve great things. We believe that in the future work, all colleagues of the company will work together to create new brilliance!