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Jixin high temperature zhaopengda won the National May day labor medal in 2022

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  Recently, at the 2022 celebration of the "May Day" International Labor Day and the National May Day Labor award and the national workers' pioneer recognition conference, Jixin high temperature zhaopengda won the National May Day Labor Medal, which is the first time that our employees have won a national recognition honor and become an excellent representative of workers in non-public technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Zhaopengda, born in 1992, Manchu, CPC member, from Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, graduated from Wuhan University of science and technology with a doctor's degree in engineering. Now, he is the scientific research director of Jinzhou Jixin high temperature materials Co., Ltd.

  During his doctoral study, zhaopengda actively participated in the cooperation between the company and Wuhan University of science and technology. After graduation, he resolutely chose to return to his hometown and continue to engage in relevant research and production practice. Since taking office, with the joint hard work of him and the members of the scientific research team, he has conquered the research project of chromium carbide vacuum decarburization to prepare metal chromium, and opened a key link in the resource and harmless utilization of metal chromium smelting slag. The project will be successfully put into operation in 2021. At present, the second phase of the project has been completed and reached the production capacity, and the third phase is under preparation.

  In his work, he always records the experimental data, checks the quality of finished products at any time, and communicates with the members of the scientific research team on technical problems from time to time... Zhaopengda unreservedly shares his learning experience and experimental results with his colleagues. Through his transmission, help and guidance, many employees of the company have grown into the backbone technical force of the company relying on the platform of the company's model worker Innovation Studio and the industry university research alliance.

  In addition, zhaopengda made great efforts in the research and development of refractory products and the extension of the industrial chain. In 2020, he participated in the 2020 employee skills competition and the provincial employee innovation competition organized by the Liaoning Federation of trade unions and the Liaoning Provincial Department of human resources and social security. The project "preparation of chromium carbide and fused corundum from metal chromium smelting waste residue" won the third prize in the professional group competition; In 2021, the project "recycling and innocuous recycling economy ecology of metal chromium smelting" won the third prize of Liaoning Provincial Science and technology progress award, and the May Day Labor Medal of Liaoning Province in the same year.

  Youth pours dreams, and concentration casts ingenuity. His pursuit of product excellence and his enterprising and enterprising personality have played an exemplary and leading role as a young employee and model worker. Zhaopengda said: "winning the National May Day Labor Medal is not only an honor, but also a heavy responsibility, which inspires me and all Jixin people. I will work with all my colleagues and excellent peers to continue to strive for the development of Jinzhou Jixin".