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The company was honored with the May day labor certificate of the city and the pioneer number of workers of the city

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   On April 27, the 2022 may day labor award commendation conference of Jinzhou City was held at the workers' Cultural Palace. Jinzhou Jixin high temperature materials Co., Ltd. won the May Day Labor award of Jinzhou City, and the chromium smelting team of Jinzhou Jixin chromium metal Co., Ltd. won the title of worker pioneer of Jinzhou City.

   Jixin high temperature has formed a complete set of industrial clusters on the comprehensive application of metal chromium and metal chromium smelting by-products, focusing on the smelting of metal chromium by thermite method, achieving zero emission of industrial solid waste in the smelting process of metal chromium and achieving the development goal of circular economy. In recent years, it has made fruitful scientific research achievements, won the outstanding enterprise award in the national innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and has been awarded the scientific and technological progress award at the provincial and municipal levels for many times. It is also a gazelle enterprise and a specialized and special new enterprise in Liaoning Province.

   There are 7 employees in the smelting team of smelting workshop of chromium metal company. Since its establishment, it has always taken safety production and product quality as the core of its work, actively implemented the spirit of various meetings of the company, started with details, established the concept of zero violation and zero accident, adhered to the combination of unity and cooperation, made clear division of labor, assigned responsibilities to people, and everyone took error control as the starting point, setting an example for the company's safety production work. In 2020 and 2021, it won the second and third place in the 6S on-site management competition organized by Jinzhou metal industry trade union federation.