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Jixin high temperature forming team won the "Ankang Cup" competition in Liaoning Province

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  Recently, the forming team of Jixin high temperature forming workshop won the winning team of Liaoning "Ankang Cup" competition in 2020-2021.

  In daily work, the molding team leader led the team members to actively learn safety knowledge, strengthened basic safety management from the perspective of details, and adhered to the implementation of the safety responsibility system.

  During production, the molding team shall strictly implement the post safety responsibility system, strictly implement the equipment safety operation procedures, and do a good job in equipment point inspection and lubrication and safety protection facilities inspection. Production starts from the foundation, strengthens the construction of safety management, constantly cultivates employees' safety awareness, strengthens basic management, and establishes a solid production safety defense line.

  Under the premise of taking safety as the guidance, all the staff of the team work hard in unity and try every means to complete the production task. Especially when faced with arduous tasks for many times, with their enthusiasm for work and the spirit of love and dedication, they have established a good image of "a team that dares to fight a hard battle" in front of the company's employees.

  It is not only an honor but also a heavy responsibility to win the "winning team", which urges the forming team to continue to work hard, strive hard, do a good job in various safety, production and site management, and contribute to the development of the enterprise.