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On New Year's Eve, caring employees warm people's hearts

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On New Year's Eve, send care to the staff, warm the hearts of the people, welcome the spring with golden tigers, snow and harvest years. On January 31, when the new year's Eve was approaching, Tian Yile, general manager of the company, and Gao Hongjun, deputy general manager of the company, together with the leaders of relevant units, visited and sympathized with the front-line employees who stuck to their posts, expressed heartfelt thanks for their hard work, and extended cordial greetings and new year's greetings.
At 7:30 p.m., the relevant leaders of the company arrived at the staff canteen on time, brought condolences and gifts, and went to the workshops of all units to send the blessing of the Spring Festival and the love of the company's leaders to the night shift employees. Everywhere, the company's leaders exchanged cordially with front-line employees, fully affirmed and praised their spirit of "giving up their homes and serving everyone" during the Spring Festival holiday, paid new year's greetings to the employees who stayed at their posts on New Year's Eve on behalf of the company's leadership, paid high tribute to the employees' families who have supported the company's development for a long time, and extended holiday greetings and blessings. At the same time, the leaders of the company told everyone to keep warm, especially in snowy days and slippery roads, to pay attention to safety, and asked the personnel on duty to strictly implement the duty system during the Spring Festival, earnestly perform their duties and do their best to do all kinds of safety work, so as to ensure a happy and auspicious Spring Festival.
New year's Eve is a fine tradition that the company has always adhered to for many years, which makes every on-duty staff feel warm and encouraged. In the new year and new journey, let's continue to work together and strive for the sustainable and healthy development of the company with the belief of unity and progress of Jinzhou Jixin!