The work of improvement proposal in 2021 was successfully completed

In order to fully mobilize the initiative and creativity of employees, encourage employees to actively offer suggestions for the enterprise, and promote the continuous improvement of the company's production, operation and management level, the company carried out the activity of soliciting improvement proposals at the end of July 2021.
1、 Improve the implementation of proposal activities
(1) The activities are organized orderly
On July 28, 2021, the company officially issued [2021] No. 14 notice on Issuing the work plan of soliciting improvement proposals. The notice defines the definition and content of the improvement proposal, establishes a special organization, defines the specific responsibilities and application process, improves the evaluation and implementation of the improvement proposal, and stipulates the evaluation and reward methods of the improvement proposal. Since the issuance of the notice, the general management department, production department, finance department and other departments have arranged special personnel to take charge of this work, established a special review team and preliminarily established an expert review database to review all the submitted improvement proposals in time.
(2) All units actively participate
In the five months from August to December 2021, all units reported 26 improvement proposals, with an average of 5.2 per month. Among them, there are 11 metallurgical and chemical companies, 6 Jixin high temperature companies, 4 chromium metal companies, 3 barrel and slag companies, 1 trading company and 1 material inspection center.
(3) The content of the proposal is appropriate
The improvement proposals put forward by all units can focus on the themes of cost reduction, work efficiency improvement, innovation management, technical improvement, process optimization and environment, and the quality of the proposals can be gradually improved, which can basically meet the requirements of the company's improvement proposals.
(4) The publicity of the proposal is in place
In order to cooperate with the improvement proposal work, the general management department has actively used internal journals and other media for publicity, which has played a positive role in the development of the improvement proposal work.
2、 Overview of main work results
In 2021, the implementation effect and quality of various improvement proposals of the company are good. In the whole year, 23 of the 26 proposals have been implemented, accounting for 88% of the total proposals. Among the 26 proposals in the whole year, 21 received material awards, and the adoption rate of the proposals reached 81%, objectively reflecting the good quality of the proposals. Among them, Qiu Dong and Jin Feng, employees of metallurgical and chemical company, won the "excellent proposal award" for one proposal on the combination and improvement of leaching of new and old lines; Six proposals including Jixin high temperature Li chuanzong and Dong Lei's "adjustment of air compressor working mode" won the "excellent proposal award"; Nine proposals including Zhu menghang and Zhao Siwei of the barrel industry and slag company won the "general proposal award"; In addition, there are five "encouragement awards" proposed by trading companies and material inspection centers. A total of 44 person times of the above proposals received material rewards, with a total reward of 9980 yuan and a maximum single proposal (excellent proposal award) bonus of 2430 yuan. Through the above improvement proposals, the company will reduce costs or increase benefits by 1.286 million yuan in 2021, with a significant cost-benefit ratio.