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Taihe District leaders visited the company during the Spring Festival

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On January 26, Zhang Dajun, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Secretary of the political and Legal Committee and Secretary of the Taihe District Party committee, visited our company with relevant leaders of Taihe District. Tian Gang, chairman of the company, Tian Yile, general manager and relevant leaders of the company accompanied the investigation.
In the first meeting room of the company, Tian Gang, chairman of the company, thanked the leaders at all levels of Taihe District for their kind condolences and their support and concern for the work of the company, and introduced the current development of the company to all leaders present.


Secretary Zhang Dajun first affirmed the achievements of the company in recent years, thanked the enterprise for its great contribution to the economic construction of Taihe District in the past year, and extended spring festival blessings to the enterprise. He stressed that we should firmly establish the concept of safe development and go all out to do a good job in safe production. We should deepen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, constantly improve the emergency response capacity, focus on the actual location, departmental supervision and corporate responsibility, implement various measures in the spirit of nailing nails, and resolutely keep the safety bottom line.