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Successful completion of the New Apprenticeship Training Course for enterprises

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In order to further improve the overall quality of employees and speed up the construction of high skilled talents, the company actively organized employees to carry out the training of New Apprenticeship through school enterprise cooperation. In February 2022, the one-year enterprise new apprenticeship training course has been completed, with a total of 96 employees. They have successfully completed the intermediate appraisal examination of corresponding types of work, and the passing rate of certificate examination is 100%. They have successfully completed the apprenticeship training task.
1、 Work progress
On December 30, 2020, the new apprenticeship training officially kicked off. A total of 100 employees of the company participated in the training, including 70 welders and 30 electricians. A total of 17 theoretical trainings and 36 practical trainings were carried out throughout the year.
(1) Theoretical study
The theoretical training is mainly focused on face-to-face teaching, and the electrician theoretical training is given by Wang Hongliang, a full-time teacher of the engineering training center of Liaoning University of technology; The theoretical knowledge of welders was given by Zhou Qi, a professor and researcher level senior experimenter of Liaoning University of technology. Taking the typical cases of enterprises as the carrier, they have formed a new teaching mode with characteristics, which promotes the students to continuously improve in the specific working situation.
(2) Practical learning
In the training process of the new apprenticeship system, the students work, learn and practice while working, practice at their posts, master the operation skills through the teaching of teachers, and improve the skills of safe operation and technical operation in the actual production process.
At the welder operation site, Chen Guojun, a special senior technician of the inspection and safety company, explained to the students, and conducted on-site operation with the hands-on guidance of two other teachers, Han Tiejian and Zhao Lei. The training teachers corrected and guided the trainees according to the problems in the operation process, effectively improved the safety awareness and operation skills of the employees, and made the employees truly achieve the effect of "one specialty and many abilities". At the electrician practice site, Li Jun, a senior technician of the inspection and safety company, explained to the students on site, combined theory with practice, and everyone studied and operated together, setting off a learning upsurge.
2、 Highlights of training
(1) Formulate detailed training plan and consolidate basic work
The company attaches great importance to the New Apprenticeship Training of enterprises, specially established a leading group, and formulated the new apprenticeship training plan of Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. and a detailed training plan to ensure the standardized development of training.
(2) Innovative training methods
1. School enterprise alliance, college teachers enter the enterprise.
The training class is transferred from the campus to the inside of the enterprise, which fits the actual production of the enterprise and provides many convenient conditions for employees to learn.
2. The practical operation adopts the "small class" teaching mode.
The "small class" teaching system is set for practical training, and the same content is repeated. Students can choose the class time according to their own work conditions, and participate in training and learning on the basis of ensuring work and rest, so as to make learning flexible and targeted.
(3) Diversified teaching modes
The traditional teaching mode of single theoretical knowledge has been changed. While teaching intensively, a nail live broadcast platform has been opened for students to have a live broadcast class. Students can freely arrange time to log in to mobile phones or computers for learning according to their actual situation, which is also convenient for employees to better review and consolidate their knowledge. After class, make full use of the office platform, wechat group and other ways to publish notices, share information and feed back problems, fully understand the learning situation at the first time and truly realize grid management.
(4) Self made practical learning aids by using leftover materials
In order to ensure the smooth development of the practical training of the New Apprenticeship System in the enterprise, the masters of the inspection and safety company gave up their personal rest time and, with many years of work experience, made six groups of welder practical tools and several electrician practical circuit connection templates for the trainees by using leftover materials.
The development of the new apprenticeship training is a perfection and upgrading of the training mode for improving the skills of the company's employees. The company will give full play to and make use of its own resources to realize complementary advantages with the school, so that students can be based on their posts, constantly learn new knowledge and master new skills, vigorously carry forward the craftsman spirit in the new era, and constantly make new contributions to the innovation and development of the enterprise!