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The company successfully held tug of war competition

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Zhanjixin strength, carrying hope and sailing, in order to create a happy and harmonious cultural atmosphere, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, guide employees to participate in healthy and beneficial activities, enhance cohesion and team spirit, and gather wisdom and contribute to the reform and development of the enterprise. On the afternoon of November 12, the company held an employee tug of war competition with the theme of "focus on achieving good results, unite and work hard to stand at the forefront". Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager of the company, Gao Hongjun, Tian Yile and Chen Song, assistant general manager of the company, and leaders of all units of the company came to the scene to cheer for the participating employees and present awards to the winning units.
This competition is different from the previous tug of war. This competition is divided into traditional tug of war and interesting tug of war. There are 8 teams participating in the traditional tug of war. Each team has 1 team leader and 10 team members. It is required that the team members of each team must match men and women, and the number of female employees in the team shall not be less than 3. The competition adopts the elimination system of two wins in three sets. The competition team is determined by drawing lots. Four teams enter the finals to compete for the champion, runner up, runner up and winning prize. There are 12 teams participating in the interesting tug of war, each team has 2 members, and the way of sitting on the ground tug of war is adopted.
After receiving the notice of tug of war, all units of the company responded positively and signed up one after another. At the scene of the competition, the mood of each team was high. All the male and female players were firm in their heels, leaned back and worked hard together rhythmically. Especially at the critical moment when it was difficult to win or lose, they did not retreat, clenched their teeth, worked together, insisted to the end and bravely fought for the first place. Cheerleading teams have also integrated into the fierce competition to celebrate the winning team and cheer for the losing team, which fully shows the good spirit of unity and cooperation.
The sitting tug of war is the highlight of this tug of war. As soon as the whistle of the game sounded, the players shouted "one, two, one, two". They held the long rope tightly with both hands and pulled back desperately. The leaders of all units also helped cheer next to the team. Some leaders directly participated in it, and the other employees spontaneously formed a cheerleading team to cheer for both sides of the game. Trumpets and shouts floated over the whole competition field one after another. After fierce competition, the first team of the traditional tug of war Jixin high temperature won the first prize, the metallurgical and chemical company won the second prize, the material inspection center won the third prize, and the joint second team won the excellent prize; Wang Xilong and Mu Yunlong of interesting tug of war barrel industry company won the championship, Cao Yajun and Chang Licheng of Jixin high temperature won the second place, and Chen guangshuang and Xu Jinglin of metallurgical and chemical company won the third place.
This year, we pushed through the old and brought forth the new. After the award ceremony, we distributed the Memorial Award by drawing a blind box. Leaders and contestants who have not won the ranking in the competition will draw souvenirs by themselves. The value of souvenirs in the blind box varies, and the contents of prizes are diverse. The scene warmed up again. Looking at everyone's excited eyes, they got the blind box. Several people gathered together, opened it carefully, and burst out excited laughter from time to time
All units in this event fully reflected the spirit of hard work to catch up with and surpass and "friendship first and competition second", and achieved friendship and level. All employees showed a vibrant, healthy and upward spirit, and enhanced cohesion, sense of honor and team spirit.