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Take snow as a bath "Snow" to fight hard and reproduce Jixin's power in the snowstorm.

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On November 7, the cold wave hit, and Jinzhou suffered a severe snowstorm, which has broken through the historical extreme value since the meteorological records, which has brought a great test to our production and life. Jinzhou Jixin responded quickly, made scientific arrangements, made effective scheduling, took the snow as the order, responded calmly and orderly, and once again demonstrated the spirit and strength of Jixin in the wind and snow!
On November 5, in order to cope with the heavy snowfall, the company's production department and general management department widely released weather early warning information through wechat work group, SMS, telephone, on-site arrangement and other channels, reminded all units to be prepared, told employees to pay attention to travel safety and eliminate potential safety hazards. On the evening of November 6, leaders at all levels of the company gave up their weekend break, arrived at the post in advance, stayed at the post directly, was on duty 24 hours, and handled emergencies at any time.
In the early morning of November 7, there was a sudden snowfall, severe snow on the roads in the city and urban areas, and the traffic was interrupted. The leaders of the company shall timely arrange personnel to pay attention to the impact of blizzard on production and the company's buildings and structures according to the snow situation, monitor at all times, arrange employees to evacuate from the dangerous area at any time, and try to ensure the normal operation of production and business activities on the premise of ensuring the life safety of employees.
The production department shall update the early warning information at the first time and coordinate and organize production rescue; The general management department shall do a good job in linkage coordination and logistics support; The trading company actively communicates with raw material suppliers and tracks the transportation process to ensure that materials arrive at the factory in time. The material inspection center and Jixin property shall timely remove the snow on the roads in and around the plant; The staff canteen solves the dining problems for on-the-job employees in time; The employees of metallurgical and chemical company, Jixin high temperature company, chromium metal company and other production units stick to their posts continuously and make every effort to ensure the continuous and stable operation of production; The inspection and safety company shall organize personnel to timely repair the facilities damaged by blizzard in the plant all day.
On November 8, the raging Blizzard finally stopped. Snow stop is an order, and responsibility is a mission. This is the belief that Jinzhou Jixin people have always adhered to. Employees living near the plant area walk to each post of the company early to replace the company's employees and ensure employees' rest to the greatest extent. The company staff picked up the snow removal tools and rushed to the front line of snow removal and obstacle removal. They braved the biting cold wind and blizzard, waved the snow removal tools in their hands, and cleaned the snow on the important sections of the commute and the plant. The company also quickly organized manpower and forklifts to clean municipal areas and public roads to ensure smooth roads and reduce the travel risk of personnel and vehicles.
Blizzard has no lover. Under the unified deployment and strong leadership of leaders at all levels, we fought "against the wind and snow" and bathed in "Snow" and won the blizzard battle.
Jinzhou Jixin is our common home. Let's continue to carry forward the spirit of fearing difficulties and selfless dedication shown in the fight against the snowstorm and cold wave, and strive to accelerate the all-round development and all-round revitalization of Jinzhou Jixin!