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The company was awarded the advanced unit of Taihe District Fire Protection in 2021

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On the afternoon of November 5, at the 119 launching ceremony organized by Taihe District government, the company was rated as the advanced unit of fire protection in 2021, and Chen Song, assistant general manager, took the stage to receive the award on behalf of the company.
In 2021, the company further deepened the implementation of the fire protection law with the strong support of the competent department of the superior government and the leaders of the company, and the whole company established a complete fire protection system closely around the policy of "prevention first and combination of prevention and elimination". At the same time, according to the principle of "who is in charge, who is responsible", the company has strengthened the management of fire protection work, strengthened publicity, carried out fire accident emergency drill, fire safety knowledge training, organized employees to participate in fire safety skill competition and other activities, and comprehensively improved the fire awareness of employees. Through the joint efforts of all units and employees of the company, no major fire accidents, no fire accidents and no casualties are realized throughout the year.
The company will continue to tighten the string of safety production, constantly pay attention to fire control, never slacken, earnestly implement fire safety management, and strive to create a good safe operation and production environment.