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The online reading and micro video works of the company's employees were rated as gold award works and the most popular works by the Provincial Federation of trade unions

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In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, we will thoroughly carry out the theme activity of "gathering positive energy of employees and striving to be a good Internet user in China" in 2021, so as to fully show the spiritual style of the majority of employees to unite in a new stage and forge ahead in a new journey. In mid May, Jinzhou Federation of trade unions organized online reading and micro video collection activities for the whole city.
After receiving the notice, the company's labor union immediately conveyed it to the employees to encourage everyone to actively participate. Finally, the online reading works of Liu Shuai, Han Qiao, Li Chenxi and Li Mohan, and the micro video works of Wei Xiaofan, learning the party's dedication, were selected as excellent works by Jinzhou Federation of trade unions, and participated in the selection of network positive energy works of Provincial Federation of trade unions on behalf of Jinzhou Federation of trade unions.
The evaluation activities of the Provincial Federation of trade unions adopt the hundred mark system, and the score of the expert jury accounts for 70% of the final score weight of the works; The number of views, likes and other related online data of works account for 30% of the final score weight. In mid November, after several rounds of strict selection by experts, the works submitted by the company stood out among hundreds of entries. Among them, the online reading works of "unforgettable at the beginning - inheriting the past and opening up - Ode to the great man" by the company's employees Liu Shuai, Han Qiao, Li Chenxi and Li Mohan won the "Gold Award (the highest award in this competition)" and "the most popular Award"; Wei Xiaofan's micro video work "learning the party's dedication" won the "best Popularity Award".
The above achievements not only won honor for the company and enhanced the social influence and reputation of the company, but also showed the good mental outlook of the company's employees and enriched their amateur cultural life. The trade union of the company hereby calls on the employees to actively participate in various competitions in provinces and cities, broaden their horizons and increase their skills, so as to promote the better and faster development of the company.