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Four patents of Jixin high temperature have been authorized

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Recently, four patents of our company have been authorized after substantive examination by the State Intellectual Property Office, namely:
Patent No.: ZL 2020 1 0392523.0 a process for producing metal chromium by vacuum decarburization in a vacuum sintering furnace with aluminum chromium slag as the main material;
Patent No.: ZL 2020 2 2506390.3 automatic push kiln car downward ferry car;
Patent No.: ZL 2020 2 2504486.6 quantitative feeding device for fire resistant brick production;
Patent No.: ZL 2020 2 2504502.1 chromium corundum powder grinding and air separation equipment.
The first is an invention patent and the other three are utility model patents. The acquisition of these four patents means that the intellectual property rights of Jixin high temperature cover all products and processes.
So far, Jixin high temperature now has nine invention patents and three utility model patents, which not only protect our own scientific research achievements, occupy the market space of new technologies and products, but also effectively improve the competitiveness of the company. The most important thing is that it has the hardware conditions to apply for high-tech enterprises, In addition, the patent right is generally used as an important indicator in the evaluation of enterprise listing and other projects, which has laid a good foundation for the long-term development of the company in the future.