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Jinzhou TV station made a special report on the company's Chen Guojun skill master studio

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On the afternoon of September 6, Chen Guojun, the workshop director of the inspection and safety company, as one of the leaders of the first batch of skill master studios in Jinzhou, was interviewed by the reporter of Jinzhou TV station. During this interview, Chen Guojun introduced to the reporter the purpose of setting up the skill master studio and the role that the company will play in the talent training process in the future. At the same time, he also explained and introduced the personnel composition, daily work content and training site of the workstation at the initial stage of the station.
The special interview was broadcast on Jinzhou satellite TV at the end of September. Through the vigorous publicity of the company's skill master studio by TV media, the company will continue to strengthen the learning and exchange between various types of work and external enterprises on the basis of establishing the skill master studio, and strive to form an all-round and in-depth skill talent innovation management mode. We encourage everyone to actively explore the transformation from small to small, technological innovation and production improvement, and contribute to the cultivation of skilled talents and the development of the enterprise!