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Jixin property won the third prize of Jinzhou property industry fire safety skill competition group

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On the morning of November 2, Jinzhou fire safety skill competition was officially held in Shuangyang fire rescue detachment training base. The competition is divided into five industries: Food and medicine, printing and packaging, property management and logistics. A total of 20 teams participated in the property industry. The competition consists of three people with three sets of fire hose links, in-situ fire-fighting protective clothing and fire extinguishers to fight the initial fire. After intense competition, Jixin property's representative team composed of Li Zhiyu, Li Zhixin and Liu Shuai won the third prize of the group.

Through this competition, we have further mastered the fire-fighting skills, improved the emergency response ability and cooperation ability, and laid a solid foundation for doing a good job in fire safety. The company will continue to implement the working policy of "prevention first, combination of prevention and elimination", ensure the safety of the enterprise and the personal safety of employees, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.