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Leaders of the Municipal People's Congress visited the company for special research activities

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On the morning of August 11, Zhang Xiaoguang, director of the Standing Committee of Jinzhou Municipal People's Congress, Zhang Yibing, deputy director, Liu Zhanlu, director of the office, and other relevant leaders, accompanied by Zhu Xudong, director of Jinzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, and Wang Hongyu, chief of enterprise service and talent construction section, led some deputies of Jinzhou Municipal People's Congress to our company for special research activities. Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager of the company Chen Song, assistant general manager, accompanied the whole process.
Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager of the company, and Chen Song, assistant general manager, led leaders and deputies of the Municipal People's Congress to visit Jixin high temperature electric furnace workshop and firing workshop, and mainly introduced the comprehensive utilization of aluminum chromium slag, scientific and technological achievements and specific applications. At the same time, the two sides communicated and discussed issues of concern such as the cultivation of growing science and technology enterprises, new products and new processes.
In the future development, Jixin high temperature will continue to carry out technological innovation, strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements such as new products and processes, and strive to maximize social and economic benefits.