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The company's provincial "female employee care room" was officially opened

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In order to really care for and care for female employees, ensure that female employees have a warm, comfortable and hygienic environment during the "phase IV" period and can go to work at ease, the company's trade union, under the guidance of the Federation of trade unions of Liaoning Province and Jinzhou City, has actively carried out the construction of female employee care room, which is now officially open to a wide range of female employees.
There are all kinds of equipment in the care room for female employees. In addition to the soft and comfortable sofa and bed for rest, there are also refrigerators, wall breaking machines, disinfection cabinets and other facilities, which provide warm services for female employees and meet the special needs of "four period" female employees, especially those during pregnancy and lactation.
The preparation of the company's female employee care room has been valued and strongly supported by the company's leaders and the company's labor union. It is specially transformed from 204 conference room on the second floor of the office, with an area of nearly 40 square meters. It has been carefully set and arranged according to local conditions with reference to the creation standards of provincial female employee care room, and has been completed in nearly two months. The care room provides a private, hygienic, safe, warm and comfortable rest place for female employees in special periods, solves the worries of female employees at work, reflects the intimate care and warmth of enterprises and trade union organizations, shows the company's leaders' concern for the vital interests and actual needs of employees, and also reflects the company's corporate culture of paying attention to the feelings of home and enterprise.
The labor union of the company will continue to improve the facilities of the care room, expand its functions, play a sharing and leading role, so that the care room can serve more women workers and become a platform for women workers to build and exchange.