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The company signed a strategic cooperation agreement between government, school and enterprise with Liaoning Petrochemical Vocational and technical college

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On the afternoon of August 11, the signing ceremony of government school enterprise strategic cooperation co sponsored by the Management Committee of Liaoning tanghezi economic development zone and Liaoning Petrochemical Vocational and technical college was successfully held in the training base of the Petrochemical College. The main principals of Jinzhou Jixin, CITIC Jinzhou metal, CITIC titanium and BaoTi Huashen attended the ceremony and signed the contract. Chen Song, assistant general manager, signed the tripartite strategic cooperation agreement as the company's representative.
This cooperation focuses on promoting the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, carrying out technical and safety training in the chemical industry, and promoting the seamless connection of school and enterprise education. Through deepening cooperation, we have further built a broad stage for talent exchange and cooperation, and opened all-round and multi field cooperation channels between government, schools and enterprises, so as to realize resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results.