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Brainstorm for improvement and provide suggestions for development

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In today's era, the renewal of knowledge is accelerating, and new technologies, new models and new business forms emerge one after another. However, the development of enterprises under the influence of the epidemic is difficult. In order to promote enterprise development, improve enterprise management level, reduce enterprise operation cost and fully show the vitality of our company, the company has issued the work plan for soliciting improvement proposals.
The application of improvement proposals is the link and bridge for employees to participate in the production, operation and management of enterprises. It is an important means to promote the production, operation and management of enterprises. It is the requirement for enterprises to constantly improve themselves. The company carries out this work is to fully tap the internal driving force of enterprise development; It is to build an effective carrier and platform for employees to put forward new ideas and good ideas in economic, technological and innovation activities at work. The improvement proposal activity is a regular and long-term work. We must give full play to the subjective initiative and enthusiasm of the majority of employees, encourage everyone to widely participate in the activity, stimulate the ownership spirit of employees, and constantly cultivate various post technical experts and advanced models.
The company will conduct a comprehensive review of the proposer's suggestions in a fair, open and impartial manner, and give corresponding rewards to the proposals that are effective and have economic and social value. At the same time, the company will also publicize and report the proposals and proponents, so as to form a strong atmosphere of respecting innovation, respecting talents and rewarding the advanced.
In order to do a good job in the improvement proposal activity, first of all, leaders of all units are required to improve their understanding of the activity, guide and activate the enthusiasm and work enthusiasm of employees, and let employees actively put forward suggestions for the company. At the same time, they hope that all employees will actively use their brains around quality, variety, cost, safety, benefit and management based on their posts and personal ability and practical experience, Give full play to their professional talents, be a "dedicated person" to promote the development of the enterprise, develop "golden ideas" for the enterprise and promote the development of the company.
The development of the company needs continuous progress, and the progress of the enterprise needs continuous innovation. Employees and the company are a community of common destiny. Employees need a development platform and enterprises need sustainable development. The two complement each other. The company has opened a green channel for our common growth. Please put forward an opinion, find a hidden danger, plug a loophole, reduce a cost, promote a management, increase a benefit, and actively send good suggestions to the company. Gather small streams into rivers and join rivers into the sea. Let's work together.