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The company team won the championship of bank enterprise friendship basketball game

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At 9 a.m. on August 1, the bank enterprise friendship basketball game hosted by Jinzhou branch of China Merchants Bank officially kicked off in the North Light stadium of sports city of Los Angeles. China Merchants Bank Jinzhou branch team, Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. team, Jinzhou Social Security Bureau and social security center team, CITIC metal and CITIC titanium team, a total of 4 teams and 48 players participated in the basketball game.

The basketball game adopts the elimination competition mode. In the morning, the competition rules are to draw lots to determine the opponents, and a group of two will be eliminated in a single game; In the afternoon competition, the two winning teams compete for the championship and runner up, and the two losing teams compete for the third and fourth places.

The company's team played the first game against the representative team of Jinzhou branch of China Merchants Bank. On the field, the players fought hard and ran actively, showing their vitality and vitality. The two teams were close to each other, and the score caught up with each other. The last quarter ushered in the overtime with a score of 68-68. In extra time, the company's team members did their best to participate in the attack and defense. The cheerleaders on the field were even more enthusiastic. They shouted "Jixin refueling, Jixin refueling, Jixin refueling" again and again. The last 10 seconds ago, "press the whistle for three points", pulled both sides back to the same starting line and drew 75-75. When everyone thought that they would continue to play overtime, the other player committed a foul under heavy pressure, and Feng Jigang, a member of the company's team, got the chance to take a free throw. At the moment, the field was very quiet. The players and cheerleaders held their breath, clenched their fists and meditated on refueling. Finally, Feng Jigang withstood the pressure and qualified the company's team to enter the finals with a penalty of 1 in 2. In an instant, the court was boiling

After a short rest for several hours, at 4 p.m. that day, the company's team started the championship and runner up competition with the representative teams of CITIC metal and CITIC titanium. In the face of the strong "old opponents" in the past, the players of the company's team were calm and calm without any tension. The competition was fiercely carried out in the whistle of the referee, and the two sides soon entered the state of competition. The players ran and went all out, and the cheerleaders cheered and cheered for them! In the first three quarters of the game, the representative teams of CITIC metal and CITIC titanium have been ahead of our team with small scores by virtue of accurate shooting technology and tacit cooperation. In the decisive game of the last quarter, the company team began to adjust tactics, fight hard, make full use of the jumping strength of the team members to stabilize the rebounds and win the rebounds frequently. The climax of the whole competition was continuous and ups and downs. Finally, the company team succeeded in counter attack with the advantage of 5 points and won the championship of the bank enterprise friendship basketball game.

The bank enterprise friendship basketball game is not only a contest of real strength, but also a platform for the sublimation of players' friendship. Jinzhou Jixin basketball team, with the spirit of perseverance and courageous struggle, finally broke the dilemma and succeeded in counter attack. It not only proved itself with achievements, but also won honor for the company.

The company will continue to adhere to the people-oriented principle, further enrich employees' amateur cultural life, create a harmonious and enterprising corporate cultural atmosphere, improve employees' ideology of unity, cooperation and striving to be the first, and condense positive energy for creating a new situation of high-quality development