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The company organized some employees to carry out red tour education activities

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In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, carry forward the spirit of "never forget the original heart and remember the mission", and stimulate the majority of Party members, cadres and commended employees to set an example in their work, set an example and forge ahead with a sense of mission and responsibility. From July 17 to July 28, the company organized all middle and senior managers, Party members and commended personnel in 2020, a total of 61 people to go to Dandong and Benxi in two batches for a four-day Red Tour education activity.
One of the itineraries of the red tour is to visit Dandong memorial hall to resist US aggression and aid Korea. In the memorial hall, following the commentator's explanation of the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea and the glorious history of volunteer soldiers defending the country, we saw those vivid photos and shining medals, which made us deeply feel the heroic spirit and noble patriotism of volunteer martyrs. This is a war to defend our country. The Chinese people volunteered for the military. Their heroic and indomitable spirit of sacrificing life and death finally defeated the enemy. This spirit is worth inheriting and remembering forever.
We also came to Dandong Fengcheng Dalishu cadre education and training base to visit and study. Dalishu village is the birthplace of the "dry" spirit. Here, we watched the video lecture "dry monument", and successively visited Mao Fengmei memorial hall, "dry" square and other red education bases. Through simple language and vivid examples, the commentator described the ordinary, simple and touching advanced deeds of Comrade Mao Fengmei, learned the spirit of "doing" and the noble quality of loving the party and the people for 30 years led by a grass-roots party member and cadre, and personally realized the spirit of "hard work, hard work and skillful work" of Dalishu village for 30 years. Finally, we took a group photo under the tall word "dry" of "roll up your sleeves and cheer up" to freeze Comrade Mao Fengmei's spirit of "dry".
During the trip, we took a boat to the beautiful Benxi Huanren Longxiang island surrounded by mountains. On the island, we held a bonfire party. Everyone sang and danced and relaxed through a number of team games. The company also organized mountaineering and rafting activities to enhance the construction of team culture. Everyone took photos one after another, gathered picturesque scenery with the lens, and showed the team spirit of harmony, happiness and infinite vitality.
This activity fully reflects the company's concern for employees, shows the richness of the company's corporate culture, deepens the patriotic feelings of all Party members and cadres, and stimulates the spirit of practical work. We all said that we should take Comrade Mao Fengmei as an example, learn from Comrade Mao Fengmei's firm ideals and beliefs, honest and clean professional ethics and the great feelings of serving the people wholeheartedly, be down-to-earth in our work in the future, never forget our original intention, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, roll up our sleeves and work hard!