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The company's first "municipal skill master studio" was recognized

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The list of construction projects of Jinzhou skill master studio in 2021 was recently announced. The "Chen Guojun skill master studio" declared by the company was recognized as "municipal skill master studio".
The studio is composed of a number of excellent technicians led by Chen Guojun. Focusing on machining and traditional skill inheritance, with the goal of "building a craftsman team with medium and senior skilled workers as the core", the studio continuously improves the quality and various professional skills of employees through training, provides a stage for the company's high skilled talents to display their talents and becomes a base for the cultivation of skilled talents.
After the successful application, the company will continue to give full play to the skill advantages of the master studio and focus on cultivating a number of short front-line operation technicians. Cultivate more high-quality technical talents and professional backbones by means of "passing on, helping and leading". At the same time, relying on the effect of "municipal skill master studio", actively exchange professional knowledge with enterprises in the same industry, innovate work mode, and provide long-term talent guarantee and technical support for the subsequent production, operation and development of the company.