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The company held the summing up and commendation meeting of the publicity and reporting work in 2020

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In order to do a good job of publicity and reporting in an all-round way, better service for production and management. On the afternoon of March 12th, the company held the summing up and commendation meeting of 2020 publicity and report work in the first meeting room. Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager, Chen Song, assistant general manager, Liu Qing, director of the comprehensive management department, and leaders and correspondents in charge of publicity and reports of various units, a total of more than 30 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Xi Lei, Vice Minister of Comprehensive Management Department.

The meeting first comprehensively summarized the publicity and reporting work in 2020 and made arrangements for the publicity and reporting work in 2021. Subsequently, announced 2 outstanding units and 10 outstanding correspondents award list and award. Jixin Property and Property Inspection Center as representatives of outstanding units, and Jixin Property Han Qiao as representatives of outstanding correspondents respectively delivered acceptance speeches. Mr. Chen Song, the assistant general manager, congratulated the award-winning units and individuals first and hoped that everyone would continue to do a good job of publicity work by playing the role of enterprise mouthpiece, and strive to form the "three grasps" mode, focusing on key points, progress and breakthrough; Vigorously publicize the advanced deeds of model figures, highlight the role of example, and spread positive energy; I suggest you read more books to enrich your knowledge capacity and improve your writing level.

Finally, Deputy General Manager Bi Yingwei stressed that all units should attach great importance to publicity and reporting work, timely, accurate and true reflection of the company's dynamics and changes, lead the correct public opinion orientation, carry forward the spirit of enterprise, and enhance enterprise cohesion. According to the "inside strong quality, outside the tree image" requirements to do a good job of publicity, to work hard in the quality of the article, pay attention to the text of the examination, the article to clean, in line with the standard.

This publicity meeting is held to further strengthen the publicity and reporting work, establish and improve the publicity mechanism, create a good internal and external public opinion environment, and constantly improve the image of the enterprise. In 2021, the publicity work will continue to follow the primary purpose of "writing Jixin story, showing Jixin image and building Jixin culture" to promote the smooth development of the company's publicity and reporting work.