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The company was awarded the municipal May Day Labor Medal province May Day Labor Medal

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On April 30, 2021, jinzhou city May 1 labor award celebration meeting was held in the city workers cultural palace, Wang Dejia secretary of municipal party committee, vice secretary of municipal party committee, acting mayor of Mr Jin, palitzsch kd, director of the standing committee of the CPPCC chairman Han Tong city leaders and relevant units such as leadership and part of the employee representative to celebrate the working class and the laboring people of the world's greatest holiday.

Since 2020, a large number of advanced collectives and individuals have emerged from all walks of life in the process of accelerating Jinzhou's all-round revitalization. In order to set up the model and commendate the advanced, the municipal federation of trade unions decided to award 30 units the title of "jinzhou mayi labor certificates", 100 people the title of "jinzhou mayi labor MEDALS" and 30 units the title of "jinzhou workers pioneer". Jinzhou jixin industry co., LTD. Won the title of "May 1 labor certificate". Tian yile, assistant general manager of the company, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

The 2021 May Day Labor Awards ceremony was held in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province, April 27, 2021. The conference commended the advanced collectives and individuals of all walks of life and fronts of the province, encouraged the whole province to carry forward the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, the spirit of craftsmanship, take responsibility, strive for excellence, and accelerate the all-round revitalization of Liaoning. Zhang Guoqing, provincial party secretary and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress attended the meeting and made a speech. Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Governor Liu Ning, Provincial CPPCC Chairman Zhou Bo attended the meeting. Zhao Pengda, senior engineer of Jixin High Temperature, won the title of Liaoning Provincial May Day Labor Medal.