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"Unveiling the list" to play a good technical battle

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-- Jixin High-temperature was selected into the first batch of typical substantive industry-university-research alliances

Recently, the official website of the Department of Science and Technology of Liaoning Province announced the list of the first 200 typical substantive production, education and research alliance, Jinzhou Jixin High temperature materials Co., Ltd. for the alliance leader "Liaoning Jixin chromium smelting slag resource production, education and research alliance" on the list.

Substantial production alliance is to point to by enterprises, universities, research institutions or other organizations, to enterprise's development needs and based on the common interests of the parties, in a legally binding contract for security, there is a clear target market of the technology innovation union, is a good key core technology tough, improve the overall efficiency of the innovation chain initiatives.

Set high temperature response letter jinzhou city technology bureau requirements, around the thinking of innovation chain, industry chain deployment initiative as a "leader" of innovation subject, organization and companies, universities and research institutions in liaoning province "JieBang 1" major project of science and technology, and will take this opportunity to give full play to the enterprise innovation main body and universities, research institutes element agglomeration of resources advantage, to create rich industry cooperation mode and operation mechanism, build efficient coordination compound, innovative, close production innovation alliance. In the future, Jixin High temperature will closely focus on the refractory industry new technology, new process, new products, energy and environmental protection, resource utilization, market economic demand and other aspects of in-depth research and cooperation with the alliance members, to conquer key technologies, develop new products, to achieve the integration of the whole industry chain innovation.