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Carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng Jinzhou Jixin youth volunteers in action

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New era for the further implementation of xi jinping, the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics, vigorously carry forward the "dedication, love, mutual aid and progress" the volunteer spirit, further mobilize the company youth volunteer scientific and orderly into epidemic prevention and control work and company production and operation, improve team cohesion and execution, improve staff quality, the company organizes youth staff attended to be held in front of the citic jinzhou metal building with youth "in the same boat together" as the theme of "learn from lei feng" 2021 youth volunteer service activities.

On March 6th, the company's young volunteers lined up neatly and came to the activity site full of vigor and vitality with the tools needed for the volunteer activity service project. This was the first time to learn from Lei Feng after the alleviation of the epidemic. More than 20 enterprises, institutions and community service units crowded the square, full of passion. For Jinzhou Jixin people, learning from Lei Feng is not only a form and an activity, but more of a conscious action rooted in one's own expectations and internalized in the heart. Over the years, we have taken practical actions to practice Lei Feng stories in the new era. The form is often new, but the spiritual connotation remains unchanged. Jinzhou Jixin volunteers are in action, we will integrate the spirit of Lei Feng into the production work, and always do the screws needed by the company!