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New Year's eve warm feeling line

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-- The company leader visited the staff on the New Year's Eve

On the New Year's Eve on February 11th, Gao Hongjun, the vice general manager, Tian Yile, the assistant general manager, led the leaders of the general management department and the production department to visit the front-line production staff, so that the staff who could not get together with their families on the New Year's Eve could feel the warmth and taste of the New Year.

At 7:30 p.m., after the fireworks were set off, the leaders of the company loaded the gifts from the staff canteen on time and drove to the production line to send the wishes of the Spring Festival to the night shift staff and the care of the leaders of the company. In the sympathy, the company leaders for the staff who stick to the production line; Positive response to the epidemic prevention and control in suzhou, take the initiative to leave kam on New Year's day people sent to the New Year's greetings and good wishes and of our employees work hard and epidemic prevention and control part with the vision gave full affirmation of the ego, on behalf of the company leadership to remain in the work of new employees, to support the development of the company staff family members for a long time, especially for jin pay homage to the new employees' family members, and would like to extend season's greetings and blessings. During the period of condolence, the leaders of the company had a cordial talk with the employees to understand their working conditions, expressed their heartfelt thanks to the employees for their hard work and sticking to their posts, and gave them dumplings and glutinous rice balls with the meaning of good luck. They told everyone to pay attention to safety at all times to ensure a safe and happy New Year.

It has been a fine tradition of the company for several years to greet the first-line production night shift staff on New Year's Eve. Leaders' kind condolences made us feel warm, and we were deeply encouraged in the happy atmosphere of the New Year and the whole family. In the New Year, with new goals, we set foot on a new journey, fulfilling our duties and focusing on practical work. Everyone expressed that they would not forget the care and entrust of the leaders of the company, ensure the safety and stability during the festival, and contribute their own strength to the innovation and development of the company with practical actions!