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In-depth field investigation after the festival resumption of production safety

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-- Tong Shengqiang, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and Mayor of the District, and other relevant leaders visited the company for on-site inspection

In order to implement the responsibility system for production safety, we will comprehensively carry out all work related to production safety, resolutely prevent and contain major production safety accidents, and pay great attention to the resumption of production and work after the Spring Festival and work safety work. On February 17th, Tong Shengqiang, deputy secretary of the District Committee, Du Xinfeng, deputy director of the District Committee, An Kun, deputy director of the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Emergency Response Bureau, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Taihe Fire Brigbrigade, Taihe Public Security Sub-bureau, and the main leaders of the company went deep into the site for safety production inspection. Company general manager Tian Gang, deputy general manager Gao Hongjun, general manager assistant Tian Yile, production department, comprehensive management department, chromium metal company and other relevant leaders to accompany the reception.

Accompanied by the leaders of the company, Tong Shengqiang, deputy secretary of the district committee and head of the district, visited the smelting workshop and vacuum workshop of chromium metal company successively. Tian Gang, general manager of the company, briefly introduced the safe production structure and production and smelting process of the smelting workshop, and explained the preparation technology and process of vacuum decarburization technology of chromium carbide independently developed by the company. Tong Shengqiang, deputy secretary of the district committee and governor of the district, and other leaders expressed satisfaction with the company's on-site safety production work, and highly praised the preparation technology of vacuum decarbonization process of chromium carbide independently developed by the company.

District Mayor Tong Shengqiang stressed: enterprises through a comprehensive, in-depth inspection, further implementation of the main responsibility for safe production, to ensure the production safety after the festival; Implement the rules and regulations for safety management, strictly implement the technical procedures and standards for production safety, and seriously solve the outstanding problems and weak links existing in safety management. At the same time, the government will encourage and support enterprises to strengthen their innovative development with scientific and technological innovation as the core, promote new models and application of new technologies, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and promote high-quality economic and social development.

Finally, Tian Gang, the general manager of the company, said that Jinzhou Jixin will continue to implement the safety production management rules and regulations, strictly check the pass, thoroughly investigate and manage the accident hidden danger; Strengthen employees' awareness of safety in production, effectively prevent and resolutely contain the occurrence of accidents, truly pay attention to safety, establish red line awareness, and do in times of safety. At the same time, Jinzhou Jixin will also focus on research and development, take a good road of scientific and technological innovation, and make due contributions to the economic and industrial transformation.