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Winter to send warm feelings warm people

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On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2021, in order to make every poor worker's family have a warm, peaceful, safe and healthy festival, the company carefully organized and arranged, carefully formulated the support plan, and launched the "send warmth" activity for the poor worker.

Caring for the life of the employees in need and providing them with warmth from the enterprise is an action that the Party committee and the labor union of the company have been persisting in carrying out to care for the employees. Situation for a comprehensive grasp difficult worker, improve the precision of difficulty relief work, the early stage of the company issued a "declaration about 2020-2021 year difficult worker assistance notice, units, according to the company actively cooperate with, to visit a baseline hard worker, insight into the difficult situation of the worker, determine the scope of" heart-warming activities "hard worker, and formulate the specific scheme to send warmth. The labor union of the company combines the assistance needs and funds of each unit to carry out the assistance work for the workers in difficulties in accordance with the principle of stratification, full coverage and fairness and rationality.

February 3, the company to meet the conditions of 13 employees in difficulty relief fund 26,000 yuan, reflecting the company's humanistic care for the employees in difficulty. Moreover, the company also actively coordinated with the Jinzhou Federation of Trade Unions to apply for assistance to the civil affairs department of Jinzhou for the above-mentioned employees in difficulty, hoping that the employees in difficulty who meet the application conditions can get more help.

The distribution of the difficulty relief fund allows every employee in difficulty to feel the warmth of the company and the team at the most difficult time. The rescued employees expressed their gratitude, they expressed their gratitude to the company's care, will live up to the expectations of the company, optimistic life, hard work, and contribute their own strength to the development of the company.