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The company was invited to be interviewed and reported by the column group of Liaoning TV Station

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On the morning of January 21st, the company was invited to accept the interview of the column "through cities, counties and districts" in northern Liaoning. The team led by Wei Tiezhi, deputy secretary of the district committee, along with five editors and reporters from Liaoning TV Station came to our company for investigation and interview, accompanied by Bi Yingwei, deputy general manager, and Chen Song, assistant general manager.

The interview mainly focused on the preparation technology of vacuum decarburization process of chromium carbide independently developed by the company. First of all, the company leaders led the journalists to visit the chromium vacuum workshop site, and explained the vacuum decarbonization production process. Then, the reporter began to ask questions about the company's comprehensive development and utilization of industrial solid waste, independent research and development of high-end refractory materials, and from low cost waste residue to high value-added products. Deputy General Manager Bi Yingwei accepted the interview on behalf of the company and answered the questions.

On February 2nd, Liaoning North Satellite TV Channel took the company as a special ferroalloy production and scientific research base, promoting the "original name" industry to the industrial chain, value chain of the high-end development of the enterprise representative, with the theme of "take a good road of scientific and technological innovation, grasp the technology iron rice plate" carried out a special propaganda report.