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Difficulties in front of a concerted effort to help production show responsibility

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The company's vacuum decarburization purification chromium carbide project has been completed and put into production, but due to the lack of electricity capacity, the electricity supply only reaches 20% of the demand, which can only meet the demand of two vacuum furnaces, which seriously affects the normal production and operation of the company.

Informed that my company because of the lack of power production problems, Taihe power supply company leadership attaches great importance to, by the power bureau leadership personally led the team, with the Ministry of Security, engineering department, supervision department and other departments "three-dimensional" collaboration, start quality service emergency plan, take the initiative to meet the electricity demand of enterprises. On that day, the outdoor temperature was more than ten degrees below zero. The leaders of both sides conducted on-site command, arranged professional personnel to survey the workshop site, recorded key information, and formulated the capacity increase plan. In order to solve the company's urgent need as soon as possible, the relevant responsible person has communicated and solved the relevant problems for many times, and every step is professional and meticulous, cautious and conscientious.

On January 26th, the leaders of Taihe Power Supply Company came to our company again with relevant responsible persons. General Manager Tian Gang, Deputy General Manager Bi Yingwei, Deputy General Manager Gao Hongjun and relevant personnel from the production department accompanied us for a discussion. The discussion is to ensure the company's production of electricity needs as the primary purpose, according to the specific program analysis and ruling, developed a scientific, reasonable, efficient and economic power supply plan, to ensure the company's electricity needs. At the same time, Taihe Power Supply Company stressed that it will fully cooperate with the construction process and help enterprises to produce efficiently.

Company general manager Tian Gang Taihe District Power Supply Company's dedication to respect, and Taihe District Power Supply Company initiative, timely, professional, intimate service thanks, all this more let the enterprise have a bottom in mind, full of energy. At the same time, we hope that we can continue to work together in the future to help the enterprise, show responsibility and promote prosperity together.